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Annual Sports Meet - AIKYAM-22


Sports day brings new energy in the hearts and minds of the children. This day is marked with great joy and discovering the inner talents of a child in the field of sports.

A sound mind resides in a sound body. Sports and games help in large muscle coordination resulting in physical fitness apart from inculcating sportsmanship, leadership, unity, competitive spirit among the students.

Annual sports meet AIKYAM -2022 was celebrated with great enthusiasm in MVJ Pre University College, Whitefield, Bengaluru on 9th and 10th December 2022.

The program began with the arrival of the chief guest Dr.Mahabaleshwarappa, principal of MVJ College of engineering, guest of honour Dr. Brinda M Vice Principal of MVJ And Mr. Balakrishna Aliveli, Principal of MVJ Pre University College.

The program started with prayer by the choir group. Trinita Vinisha of class 2nd PUC commerce welcomed the gathering on behalf of the college. The chief guest  Dr. Mahabaleshwarappa, inaugurated the Annual Sports Meet – AIKYAM 2022 by watering the plant. Other dignitaries accompanied him.

The chief guest Dr. Mahabaleshwarappa and guest of honour Dr.Brinda , opened the Annual Sports Meet – AIKYAM 2022 by playing cricket and throw ball as a glimpse of cheers to the students.

The chief guest addressed the gathering and inspired the students by his motivational speech. The principal of MVJ Pre University College Mr. Balakrishna Aliveli, give his presidential speech and advised everyone to participate in the field of sports.

Various sports and games were organised on the occasion of annual sports day. As almost every student of the college participated in sports with great enthusiasm. We had different outdoor events like cricket, throw ball, kho – kho,  volleyball, Kabaddi, tug of war, shot put, 100 meters race and indoor events like carrom and table tennis.

Last but not the least, the vote of thanks was proposed by Ashrith of class II PUC science. Preeti of 2nd PUC science narrated the program.

At the end of the events, chief guest along with the Principal distributed the prizes to the winners and congratulated them.

The whole gathering with immense pride sung the National Anthem. Thus a joyful day came to an end and everyone returned with a heart full of memories.


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