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Courses Offered For Two-Year Pre-University Programme

  • MVJ provides test preparation tailored to every student's needs. 

  • JEE/NEET/CET coaching is provided by expert faculty.

  • MVJ aims to help students at every step of their journey towards Engineering & Medical careers.

  • We provide the students much-needed push to gain an edge in their coaching.

  • We offer scholarships to enable students to get admission based on their performance and merits.

Science Stream:

  1. PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology)

  2. PCMC (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Computer Science)

Commerce Stream:

  1. BACS (Business Studies, Accountancy, Computer Science & Statistics) 

Languages: English, Kannada & Hindi

For Science Stream:

Course Highlights

​C: Quick revision of previous class topics & questions from the teacher so students can concentrate on the present topics.
U: Integrated concept-based teaching methodology which helps the students understand the concept.
P: Post class preparation time will be given to students to practice in presence of expert faculty.

MVJ Provides the online assignments for well performing students to practice previous year questions from CET/JEE/NEET examination which gives the understanding knowledge to the students for various competitive exams in advance.

Coverage and revision of Class 11th and Class 12th syllabus

Preparation for board exams

Regular tests on board syllabus as well as Competitive pattern

NCERT Maps for quick revision of imp concepts.

Test Series Course for NEET/JEE/CET preparation

Class Notes & Question Bank.

Fully equipped lab Facility

Crash Course after the board exam.

For Commerce Stream:

Course Highlights

Commerce Stream: BACS (Business Studies, Accountancy, Computer Science & Statistics)

This course will begin with a brief overview of statistics before immediately moving on to descriptive statistics and introducing graphical methods of data description.


You’ll study random distributions and combinatorial probability, the latter of which is the cornerstone for statistical reasoning.


We will concentrate on both estimating and hypothesis testing concerns when it comes to inference. We’ll also look at regression techniques, which are used to explore the relationship between two or more variables.

Accounting helps management in business planning, decision making and in exercising control. For this, it provides financial information in the form of reports.

The primary functions of accounting to track, report, execute, and predict financial transactions. The basic function of financial accounting is to also prepare financial statements that help company leaders and investors to make informed business decisions.


Business studies, often simply called business, is a field of study that deals with the principles of business, management, and economics.


It combines elements of accountancy, finance, marketing, organizational studies, human resource management, and operations.


One of the benefits of studying computer science is you will develop skills that are useful in any career. For example, being analytical and good at problem-solving are essential skills any employer would look for.


Computer science is the process of solving complex organizational problems using technical solutions. The reason this is such an important field is that computers and technology have been integrated into virtually every economic sector, industry, and even organization operating in the modern economy.


CA is considered a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) after clearing the final examination of the CA course regulated by the ICAI.


This is a globally recognized qualification, so CAs are considered perfectly suited for a global scale qualification

MVJ Provides special classes for well performing students for the CA foundation programme.


Classes will be handled by experts.


This will be included in the academic curriculum.

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