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MVJ Pre-University College - Whitefield is situated in a lush green integrated Wi-Fi campus near ITPB, Whitefield, Bangalore. Being away from din, dust and pollution of the city and yet close enough to reach the city quickly, its location is ideal for education. The sprawling campus has extensive facilities such as spacious classrooms, seminar halls, well equipped labs, auditorium, cafeteria, internet center, etc.


The specific advantage on campus is one of high interactivity between students of various courses and multi-cultural atmosphere which immensely adds to the development of students to face the challenges of the modern world.


Recognized by the Department of Pre-University Education, Government of Karnataka.


Founder, MVJ Group of Institutions

The Definition Of Education


Education is the act or process of educating or being educated, developing powers of reasoning and judgement, to prepare for life. And it takes a visionary - someone with unusually keen insight - to truly understand the depth and breadth of what is needed.

Dr. M V Jayaraman was teacher-scholar-musician. Above all, he was a visionary. He sought to deliver value and excellence in education across disciplines. He founded the Venkatesha Education Society in 1970.

Dr. M V Jayaraman first began a Teacher Training College. Today MVJ Group of Institutions impart a range of skills and knowledge, including Engineering, Medicine, Management, Teacher Training, Nursing, Primary and Secondary Education.

MVJ Group of Institutions

  • MVJ Medical College & Research Hospital

  • MVJ College of Engineering

  • MVJ Polytechnic

  • MVJ Pre-University College (Whitefield)

  • MVJ Medical College & Research Hospital

  • MVJ College of Engineering

  • MVJ Polytechnic

  • MVJ Pre-University College (Whitefield)

Black Background

Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

“Better light a candle than curse the darkness”

I am very proud to say that the prestigious MVJ Group of Institutions was established in the year 1970. There are more than 25,000 past pupils from this group of institutions who now hold jobs across Engineering, Diploma, Management and Medical Colleges. Today, our students have made a name for themselves all over the globe and are in excellent economic and social standing. I heartily wish them a bright, colorful, and wonderful future.

A great visionary, educator, philanthropist, and founder, the late Dr. M.V. Jayaraman, with extraordinary foresight, founded various educational institutions in Bangalore..

MVJ Pre-University College at Whitefield has well qualified, experienced, dedicated, and highly committed faculty who give individual attention to each student with their innovative, modern and scientific methodology with advanced technology.

The goal of MVJ Pre-University College is to maintain the highest standard, quality of education, giving academic excellence top priority. Our objective is to produce intellectual, responsible, and mature people. Our vision is to empower our students with adequate knowledge, skills to secure the highest ranks in Board and Competitive Exams.

I wish all your children the very best.

"Education should bring a holistic development of body, mind and soul".



Balakrishna Aliveli


M.Sc. B.Ed.

Academic Experience (2008 – 2022)

  • 14 Years of service in the field of education.

  • 9 Years of experience as a Sr. Chemistry lecturer in various Institutions. 

  • 5 Years of experience as an academic coordinator & Principal.

  • Experienced in preparing annual schedule as per the priority.

  • Experienced in handling JEE-Mains/NEET/CET. 

  • Has been instrumental in producing ranks in JEE, CET and other competitive examinations.

  • Produced centum in PU board exams.

  • Expert in analysis of results & action plan for the exams.

  • Expert in preparing competitive papers for the CET mock exams conducted by lecturer’s association.

Our Faculty



Lecturer in Commerce

  • 7 Years of Teaching Experience.

  • Produced centum in PU board exams.

  • In charge of the Cultural Committee. 

Shruthi H M.jpg


MSc, Biotechnology, B.Ed

Lecturer in Biology

  • ​5 years of Teaching Experience in Biology at Olympiad and NEET Level.

  • Presented poster presentation in National Level Seminar on Recent Trends and Advances in Science at KLE – RLS College.

  • Participated in two state level conferences.

  • Participated as chief mentor in 2 workshops on Biotechnology at JSS College, Mysuru (Mysore)

Mary Monica A.jpg


MSC. Computer Science, B.Ed

Lecturer in Computer Science


  • Post Graduated from St. Joseph’s University 

  • 7 Years of Teaching Experience in Computer Science.

  • Attended National Campus in NCC 

  • Prepared more than 30 model papers for PU Students according to PU Board Pattern.

  • Produced centum in PU board exams.

Naveen L A.jpg


M. Com, B.Ed

 Lecturer in Commerce (Business Studies)


  • 8 Years of Teaching Experience in Commerce.

  • Attended State Level management Fest at FMC College

  • Participated in National Level Management Fest at Srinivas College of Management.

  • Attended National Camps in NCC.

  • Produced Centum Scores For 8 Consecutive Years in P U board exams.

  • Produced highest number of centum in Kodagu district.

  • Prepared papers For PU Students According to PU Board Pattern.



M.Sc in Mathematics, B.Ed

Lecturer in Mathematics 


  • Post Graduated from JSS University, Mysuru

  • ​8 Years of Teaching Experience as a Mathematics Lecturer 

  • Experience in handling CET & JEE Classes

  • Produced centum in PU board exams 

  • Experienced in preparing academic schedule

Vinod Kumar S.jpg


MSC physics, B.Ed.

Lecturer in Physics


  • ​8-Years of Teaching Experience as a Physics Lecturer

  • Examination Dept. In charge.

  • Experience in handling CET & JEE Classes.

  • Produced centum in PU board exams

  • Experienced in students counselling 

Latha Shankar.jpg


M.Sc in Chemistry, B.Ed

Lecturer in Chemistry

  • 7 Years of Teaching Experience in handling PU Board & CET Classes.

  • Experience in handling CET classes.

  • Supportive Co Ordinator in Cultural activities

  • Invited as Judge in Mural painting competition at Vijaya college Basavana Gudi.

  • 4 years’ experience in Delivering tutorial classes at 4 private tutorials.

Kavitha R.jpg


MA in Kannada, B.Ed

Lecturer in Kannada


  • ​9 Years of Teaching Experience in Kannada.

  • Prepared Students for Cultured Activities and Kannada Anchoring.

Mallika K R.jpg


MA in English, B.Ed

Lecturer in English


  • ​7 Years Teaching Experience in English.

  • Completed KTET & CTET    

  • Participated in Conferences and English workshops organized by Mangalore University and CISCE Board.                                                    

  • Received “Academic Excellence Award” from Yenapoya University. 

  • 9th Rank Holder in B.Ed., Mangalore University.

  • Published Poems and Articles in Newspaper and Magazines

  • Recited many Poems in Kannada Sahitya Sammelana.



MA in Hindi, B.Ed

Lecturer in Hindi 

  • ​Studied from Banaras Hindu University.

  • Completed research Paper from B.H.U on Hindi Language in different newspapers under MR. Manoj Kumar Singh. (Prof Hindi Dep).

  • Edited magazines Navenetna and Sampanna Bharat.

  • Worked on Survey Reports on Various Topics.

Sri Hari.jpg


M. Com. C A Intermediate

Lecturer in Statistics

  • 3 years’ of experience as a Statistics Lecturer

  • Produced centum in PU Board exams.

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